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Here are a few easy steps to help you plan and lead your United Way campaign.

  1. Energize your campaign by learning about the work of United Way, recruiting a team for your company’s campaign, and setting your strategy and goals.
  2. Inspire employees to see the impact they make by holding a kickoff rally to showcase United Way’s work, asking someone who has benefitted from United Way to share their story, or sharing United Way’s videos and stories.
  3. Engage employees in our work through events, bus tours and tours of  projects, communications and opportunities to learn about leadership giving.
  4. Ask everyone to give, and ask those who can to make a leadership gift.
  5. Thank everyone for their generous support. Send thank you letters or hold a celebration to recognize donors. Don’t forget to provide a complete list of leadership donors and close out your campaign with your United Way representative.Type your paragraph here.

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